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The Academy for a Better World is an institution of higher learning established by the Brahma Kumaris along with its sister institution, the World Renewal Spiritual Trust, and Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation. The Academy is known in Hindi as Gyan Sarovar Vidyapeeth. Gyan Sarovar means lake of knowledge.
The Academy is a centre of knowledge and wisdom for the betterment of the world. Its main aim is holistic development of human beings so that they have purity, peace, health, wealth and happiness.
One of its objectives is to impart education in moral, social and spiritual values to promote peace and harmony and make the world a better place to live in. For this purpose, it employs only such knowledge, experiences and methodologies that have the validity, vitality and potential to elevate and enrich the human experience and make society qualitatively better.
The Academy offers courses in value education tailored to suit people in different vocations, such as business and industry, teaching, media, medicine etc., and also for youth and women.
Only such fundamentals of history, philosophy, psychology, health sciences, ethics, natural sciences, mythology, culture, jurisprudence, principles of administration and management, ecology, religion and other disciplines that improve man’s perspicacity, comprehension and sensibility, and ennoble human outlook, attitudes and behaviour, are taught.