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  •   To bridge the gap between science and spirituality;
  •   To help scientists and engineers cope with stress, adapt to change and work in ways that reflect the needs of humanity;
  •   To stimulate new thinking about the role of science and technology in creating a sustainable future.

Views and Perspectives:
The father of modern physics, Albert Einstein, is famous for his saying, “Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.” The validity of his remark has been proved over the past century. Despite all the progress made by science, human suffering has not ended; it has, in fact, increased. Often, the powers of science have been misused: Environmental degradation, chemical and nuclear weapons, the manipulation of genetic codes and technologies that can be misused with disastrous consequences threaten humanity.
Communications technology has made physical distances immaterial, but a decline in moral and spiritual values has widened the distance between hearts, increasing the feeling of isolation and confusion for many people. And though science has freed the human mind from irrational thinking and superstitions, it has enslaved it within the confines of physical phenomena.
In order to create a future of peace, harmony and contentment, a balance needs to be found between material and spiritual progress.
This calls for the integration of science and spirituality. If these two great powers come together and complement each other, a bright future awaits the human race.
The Scientists and Engineers Wing, established in 1988, aims to aid the integration of science and spirituality. For this, the Wing organizes events covering a wide range of issues, including environmental awareness, industrial peace, industrial safety and productivity, life management skills, stress management, and science and consciousness.