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Getting Started

Getting Started
Make an appointment with yourself for 10 or 20 minutes each morning or evening.Ø
Ø Find a quiet place and relax. Soft music, though not a necessity, can create an appropriate atmosphere. Sit comfortably upright on the floor or in a chair.
Keep your eyes open and, without staring, rest them on a chosen point in front of you.Ø
Gently withdraw your attention from all sights and sounds. Become the observer of your thoughts.Ø
Don’t try to stop thinking, just be the observer, not judging or being carried away by your thoughts.Ø
Ø Gradually, the thoughts will slow down and you will begin to feel more peaceful. Create one thought about yourself, for example, “I am a peaceful soul.” Hold that thought on the screen of your mind; visualize yourself as being peaceful, quiet and still.
Ø Stay as long as you can in the awareness of this thought. Do not try to fight off or suppress other thoughts or memories that may come to distract you. Just watch them pass by and return to your thought, “I am a peaceful soul.”
Now, think of the Supreme Soul, who is the ocean of peace.Ø
Acknowledge and appreciate the positive feelings and other positive thoughts which may spring directly from this thought.Ø
Be stable in these feelings for a few minutes. Be aware of unrelated thoughts.Ø
Finish your meditation by closing your eyes for a few moments and creating complete silence in your mind.Ø