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  • To inspire media personnel to take up the challenge of promoting positivity in an industry which perpetuates negativity;
  • To encourage the media to promote religious harmony, national solidarity and character development, and protect the interests of the weak and voiceless millions;
  • To discourage misreporting, slander, propagation of violence, obscenity and vulgarity, and other malpractices.

Views and Perspectives:
The media is a powerful tool for influencing the minds of vast numbers of people. Yet, today’s media operates seemingly without a conscience. In the name of freedom of the press, the media has divested itself of any responsibility for the impact of the information and images it dispenses. Driven by relentless production deadlines, competitive reporting and profit-oriented economics, many media establishments resort to various degrees of biased news coverage, invasion of privacy, gossip, and sensationalism.
Spiritually empowered media will be free from subjectivity, prejudice and bias. It will begin news coverage by keeping the end in mind; the end being harmony and the well-being of all the world’s citizens. Of course, constructive criticism and conscientious objection are essential guardians of human rights and welfare, but media that is heedless of the shadows it casts in the minds and hearts of the young and innocent, and that plants the seeds of divisiveness and doubt in the garden of a gullible public is a media turned traitor to the well-being of society.
Spiritually empowered media will be objective, constructive and educative. It would highlight the positive qualities of leaders rather than casting them in a dubious light. It will build goodwill, encourage cooperation between diverse groups of people and offer scenarios of a positive and meaningful future.