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  • Spiritual empowerment of artists and performers to help them lead a stress-free life;
  • To make art a medium of manifestation of spiritual and human values;
  • To check the growing commercialization of art and make art a tool for the service of humanity.

Views and Perspectives
All forms of creativity are directly linked to spirituality. Art forms and cultural traditions are a reflection of a community or nation’s spiritual and moral values. Promotion of spiritual empowerment of artists and performers is necessary for building a world of beauty and harmony.
India is blessed with an ancient and beautiful culture that includes classical dance, music and fine art that reflect their divine and noble origins. Today, however, the idea of art for art’s sake has more popular appeal than the masterpieces of traditional art and culture. The rise of pop culture and a liberalisation of attitudes are negatively impacting our values. The hybrid culture that is emerging has neither roots nor distinguishing features that give people a sense of belonging, continuity or heritage.
Art is a creation of the human mind and when the mind of the artist is polluted by lust, anger, greed and ego, his or her art reflects this ugliness. Art, which depicts culture, then portrays vulgarity, obscenity and violence, and promotes sensuality and promiscuity. Many artists today are ignorant of, and hence devoid of, spirituality. This is why so many of them are disturbed, unhappy individuals lacking self-control.
Spiritual empowerment can restore to art and culture their original value and beauty so that they once again become instruments for inspiration. Spiritually empowered culture is a culture based on spiritual and moral values and traditions that promote happiness, harmony and unity.