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  • To help youth develop mental concentration, self-confidence and the power of judgement;
  • To encourage youth to develop purity in thoughts, words and deeds and live a life of discipline, simplicity and self-reliance;
  • To promote the spirit of service and sacrifice in youth by engaging them in community welfare activities.

Views and Perspectives
Youth, a precious investment for the future and dynamic leaders of tomorrow, are full of energy, enthusiasm and a desire to attain something high and do something exceptional. The only thing they need is inspiration; honest and sincere guidance and motivation can awaken them to their responsibilities and channelize their energies to creative and constructive activities. But there is always the apprehension that any negative influence may doom not only their individual futures but also the future of the society and the nation at large.
The Youth Wing of Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation with its parent organisation Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya has undertaken the uphill task of providing a platform to youth for achieving world transformation though self-transformation. It has drawn up a comprehensive plan to bring about a new awakening among youth.
To achieve its objectives, the Youth Wing organizes exhibitions, slide shows, youth training camps, conferences, seminars and cultural programmes to engage with youth.
The wing consists of thousands of youngsters who, in addition to pursuing their studies or careers, observe celibacy, lead a life free from unhealthy habits and spend their spare time and energy in rendering voluntary services for the benefit of society. They participate in retreats and meditation camps to develop a positive attitude, a strong value system and a well-rounded personality.