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  • To encourage attainment of individual excellence and collective satisfaction;
  • To provide educational training programmes;
  • To inspire businessmen and industrialists to become instruments of change for a new world order of global peace and harmony.

Views and Perspectives
The business environment in the 21st century is uncertain. The ship of the nation’s commerce has sailed into unknown waters, pulled by the unrelenting current of the profit motive. It is buffeted by the winds of international economic upheavals and is tossing on the waves thrown up by competitive markets. The negative social consequences notwithstanding, captains of industry are all too often lured by riches to be plundered through exploitation and unfair business practices. Commercial interest and selfishness have superseded concerns like providing high-quality goods and services, customer service and employee satisfaction.
When businessmen and captains of industry are spiritually empowered, they will be motivated by the understanding that material gain is temporal and temporary and not the overriding purpose of human life; health and happiness are goals as important as wealth. They will consider themselves trustees of the nation’s resources — both human and material — and will make use of them for the benefit of all.
Business practices will then be guided by the desire to perform righteous actions and will be characterised by reasonable remuneration, environmental sustainability, cooperation and the spirit of service.
The Business and Industry Wing is committed to the development of value-based management, sound, equitable business practices and individual excellence. The Wing organises conferences, festivals, workshops, lectures and exhibitions tailored to meet the requirements of managers, office workers and factory workers.