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Social Service Wing


  • To awaken in people a sense of service and inspire them to engage in spiritual social service;
  •  To raise public awareness in order to bring about the eradication of social evils such as child marriage and bride-burning;
  •   To offer spiritual education and a simple system of meditation which can aid the eradication of substance abuse and addiction.

 Views and Perspectives:
Social workers do their best to help the destitute and the disenfranchised, the downtrodden and the disabled. But their efforts often resemble trying to cover a large sore with a piece of sticking plaster: they are insufficient and ultimately ineffective. This is because the root cause of the ills affecting society is not being addressed.
At the core of the problem is spiritual impoverishment, and the remedy is spiritual empowerment. Souls whose strength of character has been depleted by bad company and weakened by worry and wanton desires, and those who have transgressed the law of karma due to ignorance and are suffering the consequences, will be benefited only by spiritual social service.
Spiritual empowerment strengthens the will, makes one self-reliant and equips one mentally to cope with adversity and hardship. It can bring great benefit to social workers by freeing them from the stresses and negativity that confront them in the course of their work. When social service organisations and their personnel collaborate with spiritual organisations such as this institution, the results will be of lasting value.
It has been said that society is as strong as its weakest elements. Even if we are able to adequately feed, clothe and shelter India’s impoverished millions, unless they are spiritually empowered, the nation as a whole cannot develop strength of character. Since 1989, the Social Service Wing has pioneered spiritual social service of the physically, morally and socially disadvantaged.