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  • To facilitate and support the application of moral values and ethical behaviour in the legal and judicial systems;
  • To foster lawfulness in the general public through education in spiritual and moral values;
  • To promote love and logic in the administration of justice.

Views and Perspectives:
The growing clamour worldwide for justice, liberty, equality of opportunity and protection of human rights has been equalled by increasing crime and litigation. The root cause of increasing crime is the triumph of greed, anger, lust, ego and possessiveness over the innate goodness of the human soul.
The call of time across the legal landscape is for jurisprudence that is tempered by spiritual prudence. Both jurisprudence and spiritual prudence have a common aim: the promotion of truth and justice and the reduction of crime. Both believe that people suffer because of their own evil actions. One calls it ‘crime’, the other calls it ‘sin’. Both view crime as deviant behaviour resulting from emotional trauma, mental stress or depression, compounded by lack of self-control.
But while jurisprudence throws the offender behind bars or condemns him to hard labour or capital punishment in the name of deterring further crime, spiritual prudence would adopt methods to awaken and enlighten the core consciousness of the offender so as to free him from stress and trauma and enable him to live a meaningful and productive life.
The Jurists’ Wing proposes a new science of law, based on an understanding of natural and divine laws, which takes a holistic view of the universe. This new jurisprudence will include preventive measures that increase the psychological and spiritual immunity of people to stress, temptation and passions. It will also include remedial measures proven effective in reforming persons with criminal tendencies.