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  •  To enhance will power and self-confidence in sportspersons to help them attain their full potential;
  •  To teach sportspersons the art of relaxation in moments of pressure and crisis;
  •  To help coaches, captains, players and sports officials develop good interpersonal relations.

Views and Perspectives
The Sports Wing of the Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation of the Brahma Kumaris has been helping society in general and sportspersons in particular understand the nuances of spirituality and how they can be of help in one’s professional life.
The Sports Wing recognizes sport as an instrument of promoting peace as its appeal transcends political and geographical borders and social classes. Sport also plays a significant role in promoting social integration and economic development.
Sport involves the youth physically as well as mentally and is a great way of utilizing their energy, which could otherwise be misused for violent and anti-social activities. The Sports Wing reaches out to a wide variety of people related to the world of sports including players, coaches, fitness trainers, sports officials, sports associations and health clubs. The Sports Wing does not organize sports events, nor does it offer any training for the promotion of any particular sport, but it organizes seminars, conferences, workshops, dialogues and meditation camps at its headquarters and regional centres across the country. Such camps are also organized at the venues of sports tournaments. The spiritual training camps it conducts for sportspersons are of varying duration, ranging from one-day events to weeklong ones. The Wing also enlightens sportspersons on the relationship between body and soul and the need to revitalize one’s physique through meditation and spiritual practices rather than drugs.