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  • To reintroduce the ancient concept of holistic health care into the practice of modern medicine and affirm the role of meditation in developing a healthy world;
  • To encourage high standards of ethics and exemplary conduct among medical and health professionals;
  • To conduct and publish research into the psychophysiology of Rajyoga meditation and its application in the prevention of sickness and promotion of health.

Views and Perspectives:
‘Dis-ease’ begins in the spirit. A human being who has self-love and self-respect as well as a clear understanding of the value of his or her life is resistant to diseases of all types. However, when these are diminished or damaged through loss or trauma, the spirit becomes susceptible to negative and waste thoughts and feelings. The will for love and life is weakened and the physical system reflects this by becoming accident-prone, vulnerable to disease-producing elements such as germs and viruses and psychologically less immune to stress. In an attempt to compensate for or escape inner impoverishment and discomfort, many souls take to sensual indulgence and addictive habits.
The Medical Wing advocates spiritually empowered medicine, which prescribes meditation and spiritual practices that enhance an individual’s resistance to negative influences that drain one’s spiritual energy. Such medicine promotes self-respect, purposefulness and other values which strengthen the will and build character.
Nurses, doctors and other medical personnel can also benefit from spiritual empowerment. Often they are victims of the same addictive habits (use of tobacco and alcohol) as their patients. Hospitals and outpatient clinics are often stressful environments. The Global Hospital & Research Centre (www.ghrc-abu.com) of the Brahma Kumaris is an example of a spiritually empowered medical environment where all staff regularly practise meditation. Many patients describe its calm and comforting ambience as having played a big role in their recovery.