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Shanti Sarovar – Hyderabad

Shanti Sarovar – Hyderabad
An oasis of peace in the happening city of Hyderabad, Shanti Sarovar is a perfect place to relax, refresh and recharge the soul. As an academy for higher learning of values and spiritual skills, it conducts a wide spectrum of courses, retreats, seminars and workshops.
The calm and serene atmosphere of the 34-acre campus, with its beautiful landscaping, greenery, waterfalls, fountains and rock formations, helps individuals introspect and recognize and develop their inherent good qualities to achieve personal growth.
Shanti Sarovar is equipped with a 2,100-seat auditorium, a training block that includes six seminar halls with a total seating capacity of 700, modern communications facilities, a dispensary, a dining area where sattvic food is served, comfortable accommodation and meditation rooms.
Shanti Sarovar hosts courses and experiential workshops in meditation, positive values, stress-free living and self-management. Working with all sections of society, the retreat centre motivates and inspires change in individuals and organisations.