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Divine Virtues

Divine Virtues
It is divine qualities that make a person gentle or noble and enable one to become great.
Cheerfulness stands high among these. As a flower spreads its freshness and fragrance all round, a smile on our face cheers up all who meet us. Thus a cheerful face silently serves others.
Tolerance and patience, too, are sterling qualities. They give one’s mind the strength of steel. Like seat-cushions or buffer springs, they work as shock absorbers in life. One who has these two qualities can stay happy in the face of hardships and reverses.
Sweetness of language and temper is another great virtue. One who sees only the good qualities of others is a man of great merit. As a bee collects nectar from flowers, so does a man who has an eye for others’ merits gather virtues, and in this way he becomes a store of sweetness, like a honeycomb.
Humility is another noble quality. One who thinks, speaks and lives humbly is considered by others to be a great man or a saint. A king with a crown rules only over his kingdom, but a man with humility, though without a crown, is a king in his own right; his kingdom knows not the bounds of territory, for he rules over the hearts of men.
Fearlessness saves man from worries and suspicions that cause pain. Thus, he lives a carefree life unlike a coward, who, as the saying goes, dies many times before his death.
Contentment is of great merit. A man who is content is richer than the wealthiest man in the world, for he is not riding the wild horse of unfulfilled desires.
Self-confidence is another big virtue. One with self-confidence will see even a big problem as a mere trifle, whereas one who lacks this quality makes a mountain out of a molehill.
Straightforwardness enables man to fit better into society. People do not distrust or fear him because he is free of intrigue and trickery. On the other hand, a crooked man is like a nail or peg which has many bends.
Also, service to others and the spirit of sacrifice are qualities that make a man truly great and happy.
These and many other divine virtues come naturally to those who practise meditation, as they establish a link with God, who is the perennial source of these virtues.