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  • To bring transparency and honesty along with a sense of dedication and spirituality in the practitioners of politics in the country;
  • To encourage politicians to promote the rule of law by following it themselves;
  • To provide a common platform to adherents of all political ideologies to discuss and adopt ways and means of spiritual conduct in the political field.

 Views and Perspectives
Politics is the art and science of governance or conducting the public affairs of a state, and politicians are an integral part of a civilized society. However, there is a need to raise the moral standards of political practitioners in the country. Dishonesty and criminality have seeped deep into the political fabric of the nation. It is time that a special effort is made to cleanse the corridors of power of these maladies. There needs to be a spiritual awakening among politicians if the entire political class is to be saved from infamy because of the criminal and immoral acts of some of its members.
Politicians must respect the masses and discharge their duty towards society in an honest and lawful manner. This is possible only when our cultural values and virtues are brought into practice.
The Politicians’ Service Wing has made it its priority to spiritually educate the political class and convince it that it is the duty of politicians to be principled and practice value-based politics — not just for the sake of the people or the nation, but also for their own benefit. After all, life does not begin and end with politics or political power. Politicians and political parties can best serve the interests of the nation and mankind only when they hold a place of honour in society and the government.