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  •   To provide opportunities for women to gain spiritual empowerment;
  •   To make women fully aware of their potential and increase men’s awareness of women’s contributions;
  •   To empower women to combat the social evils of obscene literature/films, treatment of women as sex objects, child marriage and the dowry system.

Views and Perspectives:
For centuries the role of the majority of women has been that of a housewife and mother, but women can now choose a career over children and an economically independent life over family responsibilities. Society is trying to grapple with the consequences of this revolutionary change.
Expected to be different things to different people, a woman today is challenged to draw upon traditional strengths while continuing to redefine her position in a rapidly changing society.
Can women stop taking refuge in the familiar security of subservience and passivity, and rise above centuries of oppression to attain new heights?
Spiritual empowerment holds the answer. It is a unique method of restoring the balance between the sexes. Such empowerment begins with an understanding of the spirit or soul. The soul’s innate qualities include the strengths of both the female and the male. Spiritual empowerment puts a person in touch with these inner strengths and enables a harmonious balance of the best of the masculine and feminine in the personality. This is the first step toward gender equality.
The Women’s Wing is committed to offering spiritual empowerment to women across the world. At the same time it endeavours to raise men’s awareness to support this objective as well as to attend to their own spiritual development.
The Women’s Wing, in addition to organising conferences, symposia, exhibitions, Rajyoga camps etc., publishes literature and conducts surveys on women’s issues.