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Rural Development Wing


  •   To improve the condition of rural children and youth through leadership programmes, child development camps and character development programmes;
  •   To eliminate illiteracy, superstition, blind faith and unhealthy social practices;
  •   To foster healthy lifestyles through educational programmes in health and hygiene, medical camps and exhibitions and lectures aimed at reducing the incidence of smoking, drinking, chewing of tobacco and drug addiction.

Views and Perspectives:
When India achieved independence in 1947, more than 90 percent of its population lived in villages and was primarily dependent on agriculture for livelihood. As industries, educational institutions, infrastructure and health services developed in towns and cities, rural areas began to lag behind. A significant percentage of the rural population migrated to cities, resulting in urban tenements, poverty and squalor.
While the benefits of progress did not reach the countryside, the negative side-effects, in the form of inflated desires, addictive habits and corruption, found their way into rural homes. Handicapped by illiteracy and disenfranchised by the shift of economic resources to urban areas, India’s rural masses have lapsed into a backward state. Although the central and state governments have created a number of rural development schemes, they primarily provide basic amenities and infrastructure such as water, roads and electricity.
The Rural Development Wing believes that spiritual empowerment can help the rural populace develop self-respect, a spirit of cooperation and human values that will motivate them to transform their habitats into havens of cleanliness, health, social harmony and productive human enterprise. To achieve this, the Wing organizes events to educate and empower farmers, herdsmen, administrative officials at the village and district levels, and others involved in rural development work. With spiritual empowerment of the rural populace, India’s villages will not only become clean and beautiful once again, they will become ideal villages.