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Religious Wing


  •   To stress the parallel and common values and practices in various religions as well as the elements of love and reconciliation emphasized by all faiths;
  •   To inspire people to follow, in practice, the teachings of their respective religious traditions rather than putting emphasis on rituals or proselytisation;
  •   To encourage members of all faith traditions to develop a broad and liberal attitude as well as a spirit of accommodation and respect for those of other faiths.

Views and Perspectives:
Centuries ago, the task of saving people from moral and spiritual degeneration and guiding them to noble aims belonged to religion. Religion had great influence and authority at that time. When religion began to lose that authority, a schism developed between church and state. This schism reflected an underlying rift within the human psyche: self-control had become a matter of social norm rather than one of conscience. Since then, the main religious traditions have been struggling to regain their authority. Unfortunately, the means they have been using — forced conversions, aggressive assertion of dogmas and rituals and transgression of human rights — have not yielded the desired results.
It is a fundamental view of the Brahma Kumaris that just as there are different branches in a person’s family tree, all religions are branches of the human family tree. However, whenever a branch has behaved or expected others to behave as if it were the tree itself, it has lost its value to humanity as a whole — irrespective of how inspiring its teachings or purifying its practices are.
The Religious Wing aims at spiritual empowerment of religion, wherein utmost importance is given to non-violence, tolerance and forgiveness in inter-religious relationships.
When the principles and practices of all faith traditions are enlightened by spiritual wisdom and their dogmas infused with a spirit of brotherhood and cooperation, all religions will co-exist in harmony and complement each other in serving humanity.