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Dadi Hirdaya Mohini

 Gulzar dadi

Administrative Head of Brahma Kumaris.
Rajyogini Dadi Hirdaya Mohini’s is a name with meaning. It means the one who attracts your heart. Dadi Hirdaya Mohini, affectionately known as Dadi Gulzar, was eight years old when she came in contact with Om Mandli, as the Brahma Kumaris were known initially, in 1936. From that early age she has been gifted with divine vision, which has revealed to her a future where social, economic and political systems will align with the highest human values, and where peace will be the only religion. These visions have fostered in her deep faith in the human potential to create a better world.

 Dadi underwent intense spiritual training during her first 14 years in the institution. Since then, she has travelled all over India and the world to spread spiritual knowledge and teach Rajyoga meditation to help people attain inner peace.

Her divine qualities, foresight and modesty have inspired hundreds of thousands of people to lead a simple, peaceful and spiritual life. An embodiment of divine virtues, she is an authority on spirituality, which is reflected in every aspect of her life.

Having undergone comprehensive spiritual training at a young age, she is recognised as a great yogini and much sought after for her insights into attaining mental concentration, peace of mind and emotional stability. She radiates a serenity that comes from the depth of her inner silence, and anyone who comes close to her experiences peace and bliss.