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  •  To help those associated with the transport and travel sectors to overcome difficulties in their personal and social lives, free them from addiction to alcohol, tobacco and drugs, and increase their productivity at work;
  •   To minimise road accidents through road safety initiatives;
  •   To apply spiritual principles to help transport and travel industry professionals attain efficiency in administration.

Views and Perspectives
The Transport and Travel Wing was formed with the main objective of making modes of transport safe and efficient not only for the users but also for those running transport services.
The Wing is actively involved in providing spiritual education for value-based progress in the transport and travel sectors.
With the understanding that human resource is the key element in any sector, the Wing helps people associated with these sectors realise their inner potential and harness it to provide a high quality of service and achieve holistic progress.
The Wing’s members believe that human values, the right awareness and a positive attitude are as important for ensuring road safety as the quality of infrastructure, vehicles and traffic systems.
The Wing engages with diverse stakeholders to drive home the message that all must contribute to better road safety — drivers, operators, passengers, traffic police, road users, road developers and vehicle manufacturers… all belong to the system, and change begins from ‘me’.
The Wing organises various activities for this. During the Road Safety Week observed by the Government of India from January 1 to 7 every year, a campaign is carried out in collaboration with private and public enterprises and government departments.
The Wing also organises seminars and retreats at retreat centres of the Brahma Kumaris. These residential programmes attract participants from government and semi-government institutions as well as private enterprises engaged in the transport and travel industry.