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Dadi Ratan Mohini,  Additional Administrative Head of Brahma Kumaris
Rajyogini Dadi Ratan Mohini came in contact with the Brahma Kumaris at the tender age of 11 in Hyderabad, Sindh. Since childhood she had an inclination for spirituality, which led her to dedicate her life to spiritual service. Right from the beginning, she had an intellectual bent of mind and was encouraged by the founder of the institution, Prajapita Brahma, to study spiritual knowledge in depth. A deep thinker and insightful speaker on spiritual subjects, Dadi exemplifies a life of purity, peace and elevated purpose.
In the year 1954, Dadi represented the Brahma Kumaris at the World Peace Conference in Japan. She subsequently travelled in Asia for nearly a year, doing spiritual service in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.
Dadi is the chairperson of the youth wing of the Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation, a sister concern of the Brahma Kumaris. Her simplicity coupled with divinity and spirituality has inspired thousands of youth to lead a life of peace. Dadi is also director of the Rajyoga Teachers Training Programme.