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Shipping, Aviation & Tourism Services Wing


  • To promote peace through shipping, aviation and tourism, which bring people together;
  • To help those working in these sectors overcome stress and worry;
  • To help people in these sectors discover their true identity by undertaking a spiritual journey into their inner world.

Views and Perspectives
The fast-growing sectors of shipping, aviation and tourism together bring about a mingling of culture and trade. These sectors are helping forge commercial and inter-personal relationships across geographical and political boundaries and fostering greater understanding among people of different cultures by ferrying goods and people across the world.
Since these sectors are playing an increasingly significant role in the economic life of most countries, governments are taking a keen interest in their functioning. One result of this has been tensions between nations due to clashing commercial interests. The Shipping, Aviation and Tourism Services Wing of the Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation of the Brahma Kumaris was formed with the idea of promoting peace through these sectors. Since its inception, the Wing has been working to help the people involved in these sectors overcome stress and worry. The Wing periodically organises seminars, dialogues, workshops and training programmes for those working in these sectors. A major effort in this direction has been the launch of a course called ‘Finding Your Compass of Life’, which analyses challenging real-life situations and helps find solutions to them.
The Wing teaches meditation to people in these sectors by likening the practice to a journey – a spiritual voyage into their own inner world – whereby they can discover their true identity and riches in the form of virtues hidden in them.