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Brahma Kumari Sister Dr Hemlata Sanghi Recieves Yoga Day Award

Trinidad - IDY 2016 2

On the second anniversary of International Day of Yoga as declared by the United Nations, Brahma Kumari Sr Dr Hemlata was presented with an award by Mr Deoraj Teemul chairman of the Yoga Week Celebrations on Sunday June 26th at the NCIC auditorium in Chaguanas. Dr Hemlata is the Spiritual Head of the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre located on Pointe a Pierre Road, San Fernando and has been teaching the art of meditation for the past 49 years.

In 2014, doctor Hemlata also received a National Gold Award from His Excellency the president Anthony T.A. Carmona for her contribution to the development of women. Born in Hyderabad, India and migrated to Trinidad in 1979 as a yoga teacher, sister Hemlata has empowered families and touched the lives of thousands of persons through her practical experiences gained through her yoga practices.

Yoga Day was a proposal of the Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi  when he addressed the United Nations General Assembly on September 27th 1914. The 193 member United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on December 11th 2014 approved by unanimity a resolution establishing June 21st as International Day of Yoga.

A series of events dedicated to the International Day of Yoga in St. Petersburg, Russia
21-26 June, 2016

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“Raja Yoga is not about tough physical exercises or religious practices. Rather it is a lifestyle based on understanding our inner self as a sentient, thinking entity and directing our thoughts towards the Supreme for developing the powers of purity, peace and love”, said BK Raju, national coordinator of the Rural Development Wing (Brahma Kumaris HQ, Mount Abu), speaking at a seminar in St. Petersburg, Russia, on the occasion of the International Day of Yoga (IDY).
It’s for the second time already that the Yoga Day is being celebrated in Russia as well as worldwide. This year the series of festive events organized on this occasion by St. Petersburg Brahma Kumaris Centre were graced with the presence of our respected BK Atam Prakash, editor-in-chief of “Gyan Amrit” and “World Renewal” magazines, a yogi with almost 60 years of meditation experience, and BK Raju, who has been doing tireless service in Madhuban, the Brahma Kumaris Headquarters, since early 1970s. All the regular BK students of St. Petersburg as well as 70 BKs from 14 cities of Russia and Belarus took part in the celebrations.
The series of events dedicated to IDY introduced a wide range of aspects required for a healthy and harmonious life: physical and mental fitness, healthy diet, balanced lifestyle and an attitude of gratitude towards our mother nature.
​Outdoor Exercises. For almost a week, white-clad yogis of every age group from little children to 80-year old great-grandmothers would gather in the Brahma Kumaris Peace Park early in the morning to spread the wave of positivity and freshness in the atmosphere of the predominantly bedroom neighbourhood, the majority of residents of which were still in their beds! Light physical exercises with elements of dance and a round of jogging to variety of beautiful musical tunes were sending the message of waking up mentally and physically and enjoying the life. And even rainy weather could not become a hindrance for the enthusiastic yogis. Practicing the Surya Namaskar (the posture of revering the Sun) under the drizzling rain was a scene truly worth seeing!
Healthy Food Festival. The Day of Yoga was marked with a session “The Gift of Nature” dedicated to the impact of what we eat on what we think, decide and do. The topic of the importance of pure vegetarian diet for our spiritual, physical and social health was introduced in a creative and entertaining way. A short comedy drama “Nightmare with a Happy Ending” made everyone think of a situation unique, yet not quite impossible: two cannibals having read a bestselling book on why meat is so important for man’s diet, decide to eat – – – the author of the book! Luckily for him, he wakes up from his scary dream to rethink his idea of healthy food habits. The audience enjoyed songs, dances and video recipes shown to them by BK students. And surely there were not just virtual video recipes there! A Taste Test of delicious vegetarian dishes (or rather a feast!) became the culmination of the event.
​Yogic Farming. A seminar on “Sustainable Yogic Farming” held in Lighthouse, the BK Centre in St. Petersburg, became a friendly and informative dialogue of scientists, science reporters, environmentalists and farmers. It was a joined project of the BKs and St. Petersburg State Agricultural University so the students and teachers of this educational institution also took part in the session. “I have always had deep love for India. I am sure that meditation and yoga are among those paths that will enable the humanity to survive amidst this global crisis”, said Mr. Oleg Mukhin, vice-president of the Russian Astronautic Federation addressing the audience. Br. Raju described how in the “Sustainable Yogic Farming” project carried out by the BK Rural Development Wing in co-operation with several state universities of India, soil fertility and nutritional qualities of the crop were increased by using the physical energy of organic fertilizers (compost, manure etc) and the metaphysical energy of Raja Yoga meditation.

Second International Yoga Day celebration co-organized by Consulate General of India and Brahma Kumaris in Guangzhou, China on 21st June 2016

Wonderful Drama! This year the Consulate General of India in Guangzhou asked the Brahma Kumaris to be the co-organizers with the Indian Embassy to celebrate the Second International Day of Yoga. It was a 4 hours program in which about 400 souls took the benefit.

Other Hatha yoga teachers from Yoga Sutra College were also invited and they had a presentation of one hour, but this time Brahma Kumaris were given two hours to explain the new perspective of Yoga, i​.​e​.​ Rajyoga. So we got a very good chance to present Baba’s knowledge and its uniqueness through videos, silent meditations and conducting guided meditations and some moving meditation.


​BK Sister Janaki giving the book “Companion of God” by Dadi Jankiji to the current Ambassador of India to Indonesia H E. Mrs Nengcha Lhouvum Mukhopadhaya during International Yoga Day 2016 in Denpasar, Bali which was celebrated on 19/06/2016.

International Compassion Day Celebrations

At Indus University,​ ​Ahmadabad ‘International Compassion – Mahakaruna Day’ was organised by Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre, Leh-Ladakh.

Gujarat Governor H.​ ​E. O.​ ​P.​ ​Kohli during his address to Renowned Spiritual Leaders at Governor House emphasized the practice of ‘ Compassion’ during in this atmosphere of violence and insecurity in the world. Governor during meeting with Dr.​ ​Binny appreciated the contributions of Peace and Compassion activities by Brahma Kumaris. ​​Dr.B.K.Binny of Global Hospital was invited in this Prog. as a speaker.

In this Prog​ramme eminent speakers-President- Mahabodhi International Meditation Center- Bhikkhu Sanghasena, H.H Swami Madhavpriyadasji, Swaminaryan SGCP,​ ​Ahm​edabad, Acharya Lokesh Muni ji,​ ​Founder of Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti Delhi, Maulana Luqman,​ ​President Global Imam council Jama​ ​Masjid Anand, Padma Shri Kalpana Sarojji, Bodhi Ven​, ​​Bhadant Rahaul​, Shri Ramdas Attawale Hon. M.P from Mumbai, Dr. Nagesh Bhandari, President Indus University and many dignitaries were present​.


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Language Barrier? Not at all!

210 guests from China arrived in Lighthouse (St. Petersburg, Russia)

for their 5 day training program “The Happy Family – God’s Masterpiece”

8 August, 2015

The welcome session for 210 guests that came to Lighthouse all the way from China offered a beautiful blend of greetings, songs, dances and video presentations.

The guests, many of whom arrived here with their spouses and children, have been brought to Russia by sis. Sapna and br. Sumeet in co-ordination with Master Ji Jing, a Chinese Buddhist monk, in order to enhance their spiritual progress.
On the very first day they were introduced to the aims and objectives of the “Happy Family” training program they were going to attend.
BK Santosh, Brahma Kumaris director in St. Petersburg:

“This family retreat has been tailored in such a way so that to throw light on the spiritual aspects of human relationships. Spirituality is all about what, how and when we should think, because the energy that powers our actions and interactions is the energy of thought. When we take care of that inner energy, we are able to sustain our peace and happiness. When we are peaceful and happy, we feel comfortable. In this stage of comfort we can feel others and love them. And when we love, we get love in return. This is what makes us into kings because when you get love, you get everything!”

Dear, long awaited guests were welcomed by VIP speakers representing the fields of science, social service, medicine and public sector. They shared their vision of why the Brahma Kumaris concepts become increasingly relevant in the modern world.

Prof. Oleg Lebedev, lecturer of National Research University “Higher School of Economics”, Doctor of Education,Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences:

“Everything in the world keeps on changing, and in this atmosphere of change many people have the question whether there are some permanent, unchanging values as well. The Brahma Kumaris offers them an answer they are able to believe and take on board.”

Mrs. Irina Afanasieva, director of St. Petersburg Territorial Centre of Social Service:

“I feel that social service is the field of human activity that is directly related to what the Brahma Kumaris are teaching. In our hectic life we tend to forget that we come to this world to be good and do good. The BKs are teaching us to turn our face towards own inner self and feel that this planet of ours is very small and fragile and so it is to be handled with love and care!”

Mrs. Tatiana Bartova, director of Interactive Medicine Department “Vita”:

“As a doctor, I have been studying Chinese and Indian traditional medicine since long, as I am interested in the issues of prevention of diseases. Before meeting with the BKs, I used to teach people healthy diet, healthy breathing and healthy movement (exercises). Healthy thinking was the last item on my agenda. But now, after 10 years of contacts with the BKs, my list of priorities has changed. I have realised that the first priority for a healthy life style is healthy, positive thinking.”

The participants of the retreat were also welcomed by Prof. Maxim Godarev, president of St. Petersburg Philosophy Club, and Mr. Bislan Hamkhokov, president of St. Petersburg House of National Cultures.

The 5 day journey has just started, but a very important step has already been taken: a beautiful family atmosphere created in Lighthouse has made us feel we belong to one global family. And in spite of the physical language barrier, we have become fluent speakers of the language of eyes, smile and good wishes!

1-Chinese group arrived to BK Center Lighthouse 2-BK Sumit, BK Bruce and BK Sapna from China - first meeting on Russian land 3-Traditional Russian welcome 'Bread and Honey' 4-Opening ceremony of Vamily Values retreat for Chinese group 5-Organizers and servers of Chinese retreat on the stage of Diamon hall 6-BK Santosh addressing Chinese guests


With the Blessings & grace of Baba, Dadis, senior sisters and senior brothers of Madhuban divine family the Brahmin family of Kathmandu Nepal sub-zone is lucky to have the fortune of visit of two Senior brothers BK Karuna Bhai Shab and BK Dr. Pratap Midha Shab from July 7 to 12 July 2015. BK teachers & BK students were fortunate to have stirring & inspiring separate classes for both of them.

During their visit they, along senior sister, senior brother of Kathmandu Centre had useful meeting with Hon’ble Vice President Mr. Parmanda Jha, His Excellency Mr. Ranjit Rae Ambassador of India for Nepal and Hon’ble Health Minister Mr. Kharaj Raj Adhikari and other dignitaries and senior BKs.

They visited some of the areas around Kathmandu valley which included some of buildings, schools and world heritage monuments and temples devastated by recent earthquake. They also had useful talks on and about the possibilities of helping building earthquake devastated school, helping disabled students and hospital for them.