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Mt Abu. Dadi Ratanmohini, Jt. Chief of Brahma Kumaris, was joined by eminent journalists in inaugurating the Media Conference-cum-Retreat at Gyan Sarovar complex of the organisation on Saturday. The conference has been organized by the Brahma Kumaris’ Media Wing and Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation.

Welcoming hundreds of delegates from different states and Nepal, Media Wing chairperson BK Om Prakash said India has made tremendous progress in science and technology resulting in more powerful media but with the change of time crime graph and erosion in values across various fields of life too had become a cause of concern. The educational institutions have been producing good professionals but not good citizens, he regretted. He hoped the media will join Brahmakumaris’ endeavors in bringing a social revolution.

Explaining the objectives of the conference Media wing chairperson BK Karuna said the dignitaries from print and electronic media, universities will discuss mass media’s role in restoring values in the society.

 Gyan Sarovar director Dr BK Nirmala said media can lead the society to positive direction. Academy coordinator BK Mohan Singhal gave an introduction of the organisation.

BK organisation Executive Secretary BK Mruthyunjaya said media had played important role in Anna Hazare’s “India against Corruption” campaign followed by revolutionary change in the formation of new govt at New Delhi. He exhorted the mass media to lead the River Ganges cleansing campaign to big success.

Raipur based “Samvet Shikhar” Editor Madhukar Dwivedi lauded the efforts of Brahmakumaris in providing the largest platform to the mass media for introspection and transformation.

Dr. Man Singh Parmar, HoD, Dept of Journalism, Devi Ahilya University (Indore) said the concept of society enshrined in our Constitution has yet to be turned in to reality. “Since people were losing faith in other pillars of democracy, hopes are now pinned over the forth pillar-media, he felt.

Webduniya.com editor Jaideep Karnik said media itself has come under the scanner for past decade over its role as there had been a steep decline in values. “We must look our face in the mirror that this forum has provided, he said.

Dr P.C. Patanjali, former Vice Chancellor, Purvanchal University, resented overflow of advertisements in a section of newspapers at the cost of news. The media need to realize its responsibility has increased manifold in the present scenario. The society has been heading fast towards disaster; media will have to function as the rescuer.

K.G. Suresh, Director and Chief Editor, Global Foundation for Civilization Harmony, Zee group, lambasted the cinema and entertainment TV channels for feeding the material that hurts the basics on Indian culture and heritage. He cautioned against fast increasing interests of corporate house, real estate and chit fund companies in media. Let’s draw a “Laxman Rekha” to maintain good image, he said.

Press Council of India member and India News TV editor Rajiv Ranjan Nag said the present young generation is less concerned over the moral values that we have been cherishing as ancestral gift in Indian society. He pointed out that number of TV channels in India has gone up to 820 and whopping number of newspapers has been officially put as 85 thousand whereas literates are just 25 percent of the total populace. Despite of the hard biting compulsions due to commercialization, the media has to perform important role in developing positive thinking, he added.

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1) Delhi (Pandav Bhawan) : Sister BK Savita, BK Fatima and Mr. Dipak after giving Greetings to Shri Nitin Gadkari, Hon’ble Union minister for Shipping, Road Transport and Highways.

2) Delhi (Pandav Bhawan) : Sister BK Savita, BK Fatima and Mr. Dipak after giving Greetings to Dr. Najma A. Heptulla, Union minister for Minority Affairs.

3) Delhi (Pandav Bhawan) : Sister BK Savita, BK Medha and BK Raghu after giving Greetings to Smt. Sumitra Mahajan, Hon’ble Speaker of Lok Sabha.

4) Delhi (Pandav Bhawan) : Sister BK Vijay, BK Savitha, BK Raghu after giving greetings to Shri Prakash Javadekar, Hon’ble Minister of state for Information & Broadcasting.

5) Delhi (Pandav Bhawan) : After giving Greetings to Shri Lal Krishna Advani, BK Brij Mohan bhai, Principal Secretary, Brahma Kumaris, BK Savitha, BK Sapna and BK Mamta.

6) Delhi :(Pandav Bhawan) : After giving Greetings to Shri Sadhanada Gowda, Hon’ble Union Minister for Railways, BK Asha, Director, Om Shanti Retreat Centre and BK Savitha.

7) Delhi :(Lajpatnagar -3) : Hon’ble Radha Mohan Singh, Union Minister of Agriculture, being invited to visit Brahma Kumaris Headquarters in Mount Abu by BK Sapna after giving greetings.